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Created Sun, 02 September 2018 20:23:23 +0000
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time to move


Now that this blog has gain some visibility on the internet, it is time to start with some article in English. For sure, it is not my native language therefore it could be perfectible, but it is a good opportunity to share some of my research to a wider public.

I have made some small adjustments to the engine, the theme and some libraries in order to adapt the i18n parts to a fully functioning solution. The main changes are:

  • add a filter per language
  • add a redirect on the first page based on the browser language detection (other than french then go to the /en part)
  • add flags on the last article section
  • the most tricky part on the archive view (still a bug remaining)
  • filter the categories and tags

I will probably translate to English some of the most visited articles.

Please let me know how should you find some bug.